Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sorrento and the Amalfi coast: too beautiful to be real!

All along in planning our trip, we knew we were going go to the Amalfi Coast because we have heard so much about it.  But, nothing could have prepared us for the beauty of this little strip of land in southern Italy!  Green and lush, with incredible hills and mountains, and the cutest little towns nestled into the crevices of this penninsula!  We were in awe at the beauty!  No picture can truly capture the over-all beauty of everything we saw!  Hopefully these will give you a taste, and encourage you to experience this area on your own.  It is truly worth it!

We stayed in the town of Sorrento.  Actually, in Sant Agnello, just outside of Sorrento.  Our hotel- Porto Salvo- was an old monestary that was converted into a hotel.  Very affordable for us.  The walk to Sorrento was about 20 minutes, but it was along the coast, most of the way.  We were told it is completely expensive.  But we found it affordable by eating in family owned restaurants, drinking our coffees at the counter rather than at tables (twice the price), and a few times we bought bread, meat and cheese, and fruit, and made our own lunches.  In this way, we could easily stay our 5 days, even though we wanted to stay longer!

The peninsula is about an hour from Naples, and has an extensive (but very crowded) public bus system.  We took it to Amalfi, and Ravello.  We also booked a boat tour from Sorrento to Amalfi and Positano.  Going by boat was awesome!  You saw all the towns nestled there, and the bigger towns as you approached.

Ravello is a very small town in the hills.  It is known for its vistas and the old castle, which is totally cute.  We had lunch there- excellent!  Wandered the town shops, but mostly sat and stared at the scenery!

Amalfi is the main town on the penninsula (and gives it the name).  Crowded is not the word- I have never seen so many people.  It was actually annoying, except that cute barely describes it.  Amalfi Cathedral is amazing!

Positano is the post-card perfect town with multi-colored buildings climbing the hills, and sandy beach along the entire water-front.  Behind the buildings as narrow curvy streets lined with shops.  Amazingly cute.

Shopping, eating, and drinking really defines the area.  Good quality merchandise, most made right there, is displayed everywhere.  Positano is actually known for their sandles.

Every night, we got a bottle of wine and sat and watched spectacular sunsets.  This is a place that I love and think everyone should go see.  

As an aside, sorry but the pictures are not in order.  Wifi in Italy is very iffy, so the photos did not load in order.  But, it is like a puzzle, we'll just jump around!

Amalfi Town- central square looking at the Cathedral

Positano as we approached by bus

Positano- Rich and I walked in the Mediterranean Sea!

Positano- Rich in the beach-front promenade

Amalfi from the far side of town

Amalfi as we approached by boat

Amalfie beach

Selfie on the coast

Rich in a door way in Ravello

Amalfie from one side of the town

Selfie in Ravello, over-looking the penninsula

Selfie in Sorrento.  As you can see, it is surrounded by cliffs!


Rich at the Sorrento City sign

Ravello Cathedral and bell tower

Ravello view of the penninsula!

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